About the Journal

The Global Media Journal – German Edition is an open-access academic peer-refereed publication. In addition to the German Edition there are various national or regional editions around the globe, labeled with a country name. GMJ-DE is affiliated with the Freie Universität Berlin/Germany and the University of Erfurt/Germany and hosted by Carola Richter and Christine Horz-Ishak.

GMJ-DE is published semi-annually (spring and fall) and bilingually (English and German). It is dedicated to research the fields of communication and media studies, with the ambition to represent communication and media theories, report empirical and analytical research, present critical discourses, apply theories to case studies, and set out innovative research methodologies. It aims to advance research and understanding of communication and media in the German-spoken countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and around the globe.

Each issue will focus in particular on research and analyses on inter- and transnational as well as inter- and transcultural communication processes in relation to Media Systems, Journalism, Migration & Diaspora, Development Communication and other fields of communication and media studies.

The GMJ-DE welcomes diversity and interdisciplinarity in theories and methods. As such, the journal reflects the accelerating interest of the academic research in international and intercultural aspects of communication and media in the German-spoken countries.

The GMJ-DE contains four sections:

– academic articles (peer-reviewed)
– reports of media praxis and scientific field work
– graduate papers
– book reviews