Assessing the Impact of TMF on the Tanzanian Media: A Practical Approach


  • Sanne van den Berg


media, M&E, content analysis, learning, Tanzania, media assistance


The Tanzania Media Fund (TMF) supports individual journalists and media institutions to produce quality public interest and investigative journalism content that better informs the public, contributes to debate and thereby increases public demand for greater accountability in Tanzania. TMF has used lessons learned from its first phase (2008- 2012) to develop a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework that captures TMF’s achievements in phase 2 (2012-2015) and beyond. This article provides an overview of the practical implementation of the M&E framework, and challenges encountered during implementation.

Author Biography

Sanne van den Berg

Sanne van den Berg has been working for the Tanzania Media Fund, which is implemented by Hivos, since June 2012. She is in charge of developing and implementing the monitoring and evaluation framework for TMF’s second phase up to June 2015. This involves setting up external monitoring tools/evaluations such as a content analysis, public perception survey and audience survey. Before TMF, she worked at the Hivos Regional East Africa office in Nairobi as Coordinator ICT Election Watch. This project aimed to make ordinary citizens active participants in election monitoring processes through the use of innovative platforms, and was implemented in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. She has a master’s degree in History of International Relations with a specialization in conflict studies, and has worked in a number of different places before joining Hivos.


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