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Jahrgang 7, No. 1. Frühling / Sommer 2017 click

Jahrgang 6, No. 2. Herbst / Winter 2016 click

Special issue: Entangled History medial gedacht

Jahrgang 6, Nr. 1. Frühling / Sommer 2016 click

Special issue: Flüchtlinge, Flucht und die Medien

Jahrgang 5, Nr. 2. Herbst / Winter 2015 click

Jahrgang 5, Nr. 1. Frühling / Sommer 2015 click

Special issue: Contemporary TV Drama Series

Jahrgang 4, Nr. 2. Herbst / Winter 2014 click

Special issue: International Media Assistance: Experiences and Prospects

Jahrgang 4, Nr. 1. Frühling / Sommer 2014 click

Special issue: Der Nahostkonflikt und die Medien

Jahrgang 3, Nr. 2. Herbst / Winter 2013 click

Jahrgang 3, Nr. 1. Frühling / Sommer 2013 click

Special issue: Russian and German Perspectives on Transcultural Communication

Jahrgang 2, Nr. 2. Herbst / Winter 2012 click

Special issue: (De-)Westernizing Media and Journalism Studies:

Demarcating, Transcending and Subverting Borders

Jahrgang 2, Nr. 1. Frühling / Sommer 2012 click

Special issue: Covering the Arab Spring:

Middle East in the Media – the Media in the Middle East

Jahrgang 1, Nr. 2. Herbst / Winter 2011 click

Special issue: Integration Discourses in the Media

Jahrgang 1, Nr. 1. Frühling / Sommer 2011 click


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Open Call for Autumn/Winter 2018 issue

You are invited to send full paper submissions addressing any topic relevant to international or transcultural communication and media until August 18, 2018.

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