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Current Issue

Volume 9, No. 1
Spring/ Summer 2019

Peer Reviewed Articles

Giuliana Sorce
Weaving into the Mediascape: An Institutional Ethnography of NGO Media Activism in South Africa 
(article in English)
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Stamatis Poulakidakos & Christos Frangonikolopoulos
The European Financial and Refugee/Immigrant Crises in the Press: Similarities and Differences of the Greek and German Public Spheres
(article in English)
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From the Field

Kefa Hamidi & Antonia Mielke Möglich
Entwicklungskommunikation – Communication for Social Change.
Aufbau und Etablierung eines neuen Schwerpunktes in der deutschen Kommunikationswissenschaft
(article in German)
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Book Reviews

Ricarda Drüeke
Viktorija Ratkovic (2018): Postmigrantische Medien: Die Magazine »biber« und »migrazine« zwischen Anpassung, Kritik und Transformation (review in German)
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Andreas Hetzer
Mariella Bastian (2019): Media Accountability in Latin America (review in German)
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Christine Horz
UNESCO (2018): World Trends in Freedom of Expression and Media Development – Global Report 2017/18 (review in German)
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